Comerica Business Continuity Statement

At Comerica Securities (CS), we know that you rely on our systems and services for your financial needs. We also know that disruptions can occur - from simple site disruptions to major systemic outages. CS intends to continue critical business activities during disruptions (such as tornadoes, blizzards, power outages etc.). CS would like its customers to know that we have a plan in place to safeguard your assets, protect account information, and to provide critical services in the event of a business disruption.
CS considers contingency planning to be an ongoing process, and therefore these plans may change as necessary. Please contact us at 1-800-232-6983, or visit our web site at: at any time to obtain and/or review the most recent Business Continuity Statement.
CS has developed plans that include the ability to recover from a variety of situations including, but not limited to, unplanned evacuations, power outages, severe weather, and any facilities failures. The plans are designed to account for business disruptions of various lengths and scope (local, regional or national) and address CS' ability to recover and/or provide business functions according to their time criticality.
Designated Contingency Sites
There are pre-established procedures for re-routing critical hotline numbers. In the event of a site outage, customer should experience minimal downtime in their ability to contact CS while hotline number are rerouted to backup locations (either local or in other regions).
Site/Business District/City-wide Disruptions (power-outage, weather emergency, site evacuation) CS maintains alternate locations in local proximity to it main office headquarters. Employees can travel between these alternate locations within one hour or less under normal conditions. Each of these facilities is equipped to provide trading, relationship and other critical support functions. CS intends to relocate essential personnel to these facilities to provide support for critical business activities. CS anticipates that communications will be initially rerouted to a facility outside of the region in less than one hour from disruption time. Once the alternate facilities within the region have been accessed, communications and business processes will be resumed from them (CS anticipates that this will occur in less than one hour from disruption time). A number of personnel have remote access so they can work from home or other locations.
Regional Disruptions (power-outage, weather emergency)
CS maintains an alternate location, outside of the region of its main office headquarters, which is equipped to provide trading and relationship functions. Personnel who can provide trading, relationship and other critical support functions currently staff this location. CS anticipates that communications will be rerouted to this facility, and business processes resumed, in less than one hour from disruption time.
Notification to clients
The phone number to contact CS is 1-800-232-6983. Procedures for notifying customers have been established in the event of an outage. Notification will be made via telephone, mail, email or web-site or a combination of these, whichever is available. Notification will include information regarding length of outage, instructions for contacting us, and other pertinent information.
A site outage at CS would not impact your ability to have access to your available funds, as CS' plans are designed to provide sustained service. Your ability to have access to your funds may, however, be impacted by events that are outside CS' control, such as a national market closure. Our plan provides that essential personnel are available to approve transactions that result in the disbursement of available funds. In the event that CS must cease operations, brokerage customers can call the Pershing LLC (our clearing firm) Customer Service Line at (201) 413-3635. Other customers can contact their product provider at the number indicated on their statement. Questions directed to the Pershing LLC Customer Service Line while CS is still in operation will be directed back to CS Customer Service.